Concrete Mold Release Agent
for precast concrete factories No.1 share in JAPAN

Our Mission is to Make Your Concrete Products
Look Even Better than Ever

Don’t you want to reduce repair works ?


Why customers choose our concrete mold release agents?
You may think that mold release agents are all the same.
But, the answer is No.
Mold release agents has huge impact on surface finish of concrete.
Some customers are not satisfied with appearance of their concrete products such as lots of blow holes & pin holes, oil-stained surface, rough skin, color and etc.
Some customers suffer from bitten surface, dirty surface and any other defects which will require time-consuming repair works.
Some customers suffer from concrete dust on the inside of mold occurred after demolding, which may shorten life-time of mold due to continuous dust accumulation.

We are confident of solving those issues.
In fact, we have been dealing with those kinds of issues from thousands of customers.
Concrete precast customers in Japan are demanding for less blow holes & pin holes occurred on surface, less dusty mold for ease of cleaning and etc., and we have prided ourselves on living up to customer’s expectations ever since foundation in 1958.
Along with cornerstones as an industry-leading reputation in Japan, our business fields have been rapidly expanding worldwide Southeast Asia, Europe, Africa and China in recent years.
Making the best use of our 60 years accumulated experience and know-how, we are massively confident of having your concrete products much better than you have ever seen.



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